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In addition, we are able to see just how much a candidate is spending in every single race and also on what. Campaign finance reports are able to tell us which candidates are coming from real voters, and which candidates are using their very own money or maybe the amount of money of their friends and family. On March 15, 2024, Helmer introduced HB2328, the next reading of a bill which was designed to limit the application of specific weapons of war within the Commonwealth.

The title of this bill was An Act in order to amend and reenact ??2 3.1:02 and.1:05 of the Code of Virginia and also to repeal?1:04 of the Code of Virginia, relating to firearms as well as the definition thereof. It was given to committees and stays in the House. Helmer has a track record of taking concerns directly to Virginia legislators and the public as a whole as well as generating legislative and policy changes which often profit the state’s veterans.” In 2024, the League of Women Voters of Virginia wrote that “Helmer has served the Commonwealth well during his six years as VA Commissioner.

Austin III (Ret.), former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army Supported the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act including provisions which usually increase access to mental health professional services for vpap.org veterans. Fought to block the appointment of Gina Haspel to be the director of the CIA due to her part in the Bush administration’s torture program. He called for mowing the lawn from state leadership to deal with racism as well as protect communities of color.

During the controversy, he referenced 2 incidents of racism which happened on the high school campus of his, just one with Confederate flag imagery as well as the other person against a Black student athlete. law degree at the Faculty of Virginia School of Law in Charlottesville. Education: Bachelor’s degree in biology at George Mason University in Fairfax master’s degree in mobile and molecular biology at Georgetown University in Washington, D.

He really wants to increase transparency for military bases as well as allow third party reporting. He’s outlined plans for reducing co2 emissions, transitioning the nation off fossil fuels, as well as investing in clean energy projects. Helmer additionally wants to hold the military accountable for environmental hazards. To contend with the effects of climate change, Helmer really wants to buy the Green New Deal. Finally, Helmer wishes to implement universal childcare, offer free college tuition for all, and also encourage an even more equitable taxation system.

Dan was right when he went into the field, Dan was right when he went overseas.

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